Attempts on Her Life; shortly and sweetly

I will write something proper when it's not 01:50, and I am not an exhausted wreck, who spent most of her (rainy) (windy) (disappointy) day on walking trips around Melbourne, then brainstorming with public servants (hard to say what hurt more).

Meanwhile, please do pay attention, because an excellent staging of Attempts on Her Life, in itself quite a magnificent text (by Martin Crimp), has just opened at Melbourne University Union House Theatre. Directed by Susie Dee, it is a challenging, thoughtful and incredibly satisfying production. I urge you to see it like I rarely urge on this blog. Even at my least exhausted, I think I'm rarely urgeful. But I am now.

Melbourne University Union House Theatre
16-24 May 8pm
23 May 1pm matinee
Guild Theatre, first floor, Union House
Tickets: Full $20/Conc $12
Student Union Member $10
Bookings: 8344 7447