Meryl Tankard

1. PETER THOMPSON: What is it about dance that you love so much?

MERYL TANKARD:I think…it's just an expression of your insides, I mean your soul somehow. Tamasaburo, the beautiful Kabuki actor, once said that dance was an act of devotion and in some ways it is, because you are constantly…you know, your body is your only source of creativity, so it's coming from really inside.

PETER THOMPSON: So what does it do to people?

MERYL TANKARD:It moves them, it really does. You get touched in a way that you couldn't otherwise be touched. When I was studying I felt that it was the ultimate art form, because it combined music, visuals, but it used your body, and all you had was your body. It's like music, certain pieces of music will touch you and you can't really say why. It's even stronger with movement, because you have a human being there in front of you.



Songs with Mara. Photo: Régis Lansac.


3. I saw & wrote on Meryl's Inuk2 before seeing The Black Swan. A documentary on her life and work, it completely blew me away.