From the news

1. Ray Gill proves you don't need to have two mature thoughts in a text in order to get published by the mainstream press. I doubt that the people who appreciate such levity of thought would have any interest in reading arts commentary of any kind, which makes Gill something of a Bolt figure of the left-of-centre-press in this particular instance. A spokesperson for the admirers of incidental pornography. Each to their own.

2. Family Stories opens in Sydney at Griffin Theatre, and Nick Pickard, a man of many hidden talents, notes. Read his excellent introduction to the text and the author here, and do go see the play if you can. It is, quite simply, one of the best theatre texts of the last decade, if not century.

3. Apparently, both That Night Follows Day and Romeo & Juliet are excellent. Not my words, but I am seeing late performances, and what's the use of a post-climactic recommendation? None.

4. In case you need me to tell you about it, The Croggon Institute has been heroically blogging about the Arts Festival, and so have, less systematically, three of my favourite local theatre bloggers: in alphabetical order. All men, funnily enough. Now where is this world going?