I do need to apologise for neglecting this blog. I have, truth be told, going to the theatre very, very little (once a week, twice a week, sometimes even not at all). I was finishing my big work project, and hoping to get a bit of holidays between semesters (I am graduating in November). But woe, instead of being a happy suburban slacker, I have moved onto another project; the famous arts policy one that I had been swindling my way into for some time now. It is a fantastic job, of course. It’s just that I was hoping for a holiday. I’m not sure how long one can live three or four lives at once.

I will be back soon, though, although perhaps with a more conscientious division between core and non-core reviews. And writing is going on, just not on the blog. By the end of the day, I am finding myself brain-fried too often.