Links news

Being bed-ridden with swine flu is not a bad thing in every aspect, dear reader. I’ve finally managed – after good six months of procrastination – to put together a decent-looking Links page: both on Guerrilla Semiotics and Spark. They list, with reasonable clarity, every important address in Theatre Town.

In a perfect world, the list would be alphabetical and entirely complete. Since it’s a world that includes flu and 4am, the list is neither complete nor well orderly, and if you see anyone or -thing important missing, drop a comment. Performance Space, I’ve just realised, is not on the list (for one thing).

While I’ve culled most of the dead blogs, I’ve left some either because they’re occasionally revived, and it’s always significant (such as Biljana Srbljanovic’s B92 blog, or because they remain as invaluable sources (O Melhor Anjo, for example, which shut forever in 2008 when Nuno moved to

While the list will always be imperfect, incomplete and laxly sorted, it is the best effort I’ve managed so far, and something that Guerrilla has sorely lacked. We are a bit of a web without nodes, we theatre bloggers. Hopefully I have just single-handedly changed the entire state of affairs…