Ahem, hello.

I was in Lisbon, Berlin and Zagreb this summer/winter; some horrible things happened in the family, and it was an animated trip, but not a nice one. I didn’t want to go: the only reason why I left was that a ticket had been booked, back at a time when I knew the reason why. When the time came to return to Australia, I didn’t want to go back. I couldn’t remember a single reason why I had ever wanted to live here. They are two different worlds, I suppose, the upsides of one incomparable with the downsides of the other.

Now I have an expensive haircut, and a beautiful boyfriend who plays French chançons in the morning, and treats me so well I have plenty of time to think about going back to Berlin, Zagreb, Lisbon. All the rest is as usual. Oh. And I won $20,000. C’est bon, c’est bon.

4 thoughts on “Ahem, hello.

  1. Simon Ellis says:

    Well, all trauma aside, it’s great that you are back and writing (as I sit here in Singapore, stuck on my way back to London).

    • Jana says:

      Hello Simon! All best to you too, and ah London will be wonderful soon, while Melbourne is just about to get terribly wintry and miserable…

  2. Martyn says:

    Yes i also didn’t want to come back after being in China, like you i couldn’t think of a reason to come back…

  3. Jana says:

    I have to say, I also forget why I want to go to Europe. It takes certain effort to get tired of the constant comfort and ease. Though I have to say, inspirational relationships help. Paradoxically, they feed the part of you that aspires and desires and yearns.

    This could potentially link to a treatise on why bad jobs (and relationships) are so much harder to leave than good ones, but I also have a policy paper to write…

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