A single note on ANZAC Day

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I wouldn’t mind ANZAC Day one bit, if there was ever any mention of the other dead, of the dead that weren’t ours. If there was ever any mention of the fact that Gallipoli was a carnage, not just a demonstration of the valiant spirit of young Australian men. That contemporary young Australians, indeed, throw their mourning party on the land of those who have suffered ten times as many victims.

As it stands, the discourse surrounding Gallipoli throws a shadow of doubt on all the usual claims about the magnanimous and even-handed spirit of Australians.


2 thoughts on “A single note on ANZAC Day

  1. Sarah says:

    Its about the people who died for Australia and New Zealand not about the people from Gallipoli

    • Jana says:

      This is possibly the most offensive comment this blog has ever received, and I am only letting it stay as a testament to the immaturity and sheer self-centredness of the popular sentiment surrounding the commemoration of Gallipoli in Australia. You are not doing your country a favour, Sarah.

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