MIAF 08 has finally finished, and thank God for that. Apart from being the lukewarmest festival of the year, it was also the most exhausting, thanks in no small measure to the macro and micro urban design of the city. I imagine an overview will happen from my end. I imagine no more festival reviews will.

I am truly festivalled out, and happy to cook slow meals, curl up in bed (muscles freshly untangled), and read easy American graphic novels with the arc of ascending action intact. Today I discovered a sale in my book local, which has upped my to-read book pile to 34 (up from 30 on Wednesday). Apart from the exhaustion of theatre, and not enough hours for all the fiction and non- I am committing to read, I also work a good full-time job, taking 40 hours from my week.

A lot more writing is due soon, projects underway (but embargoed). While I take a little break, though, here are some reading links:

1. my review of Koršunovas's The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is now up for reads on Spark Online.

2. Although I get to publicists on time, I don't seem to remember to refer back to RealTime on Mono very much. Beyond the dumb-mobile, my attempt to explain just why Mathilde Monnier rocks my world, is now available in print and on the web, in RealTime 87, October-November.

3. Externally, Martin at Long Sentence posted a memorable review of That Night Follows Day, while colleague Clayfield at Esoteric has produced some exquisite criticism of MIAF shows Happy Hour and Corridor & Appetite. The latter two are, in my opinion, the best pieces of theatre writing this country has seen this year, certainly online, certainly in juxtaposition. Matt is, quite simply, as promising a writer as he is a taxonomist.

And now, back to the relief of the still image…