‘Non-conventional casting’ continued…

I am swimming in the deep, deep waters of performativity and stage; that is, Butlerian performativity and Schechnerian stage. It is for the purposes of my thesis, and a very muddled place to be (not a place you’d pop over to straight before breakfast, say). But while wrestling with the questions of what it means when we do what we do, it was a pleasure to find that Andrew Haydon is back discussing cross-whatever casting, and how it relates to the questions of realism and representation in the theatre.

His post is here, and it is worth reading in total, including the more-or-less disgruntled comments. He raises all isues: race, gender, accent, realism, convention, British or Germanic, and spends more meaningful time on it than anyone I have seen recently. Do please have a read.

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One thought on “‘Non-conventional casting’ continued…

  1. “and spends more meaningful time on it than anyone I have seen recently…”

    Without, curiously, managing to reach any useful conclusions 🙂

    Thanks for reading and sending readers, though. Keep meaning to comment on some of your stuff, but bloody plays keep cropping up demanding to be reviewed.

    Soon, hopefully…

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