The uncrafty minx

In my mind, I have a very clear image of what this craft blog of mine would look. It would combine the Old World-savoir vivre of French Women Don’t Get Fat with a feminist disavowal of the DIY terror of many a craft blog (because who with a full-time job has time to make quilts, I don’t know), into something like Croatian Women Can’t Be Fucked Crocheting.

It would discuss ‘effortless style’ in terms such as wonderful 4-ingredient meals, 3 clothing items to keep forever, or the best place to live in Melbourne in terms of living convenience.

And, whilst on the topic of 4-ingredient meals, we made mussels for lunch today; the day was beautiful (wasn’t it just?), and later I got taken to see Please Give, a film which passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours. A very lovely Saturday.