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Shut Up and Give Us Art (notes in progress)

Always Choose the Worst Option;

the strategy of over-identification
• Artists/Art are not legitimate political players.
• Artists should stick to what they know.
• Art is expected/demanded to experiment and criticize – just don’t go too far, don’t be radical.
Constructive Criticism
• Artists cannot just criticize, they must provide solution
• No solution? Then shut up.
• This is the way the existing order/authorities to neutralize criticism
Equally so, the existing order creates illusion that the system is receptive
• Door horizontality and transparency
• By assuming the same position as the critic
• Yes, we know all that already, what’s new?
• Art’s role shifted into the socially conscious art / socio-artistic projects / creative consultancy
• → NGO’s, Artist without Borders
• Here art regains its credibility: concrete artistic interventions that provide solutions / relief
• P.25 Pierre Bourdieu – the 2 pronged system: one creates the social wasteland, the other is asked to patch it up and to appease the victims.

(NOTE: Bourdieu text not cited in the original)

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